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Heat Seal Pre Cut Lids

We are a world leading innovator in heat seal pre cut lids

Pre cut lids are central to our business. With more than 50 years of experience in heat seal pre cut lids and as the largest manufacturer in the United Kingdom, we have a vast range of expertise and an impressive lidding portfolio.

Pre cut or die cut printed lidding is produced using UV flexo on a range of materials including polyester, aluminium foil and laminate. We have the largest number of cutting presses and cutting tools in the UK and are constantly developing our heat seal lidding film and keeping up to date with technical advancements.  This means that working with us provides a unique combination of market leading experience and the very latest in technology and industry trends.

We know exactly how to translate your brand and product messaging into a practical, secure, reliable and functional lid product.  You will find our pre cut lids on premium and everyday FMCG products because we are competitive on every level within our chosen markets of dairy, food and beverage.  The spectrum of our production equipment makes us the first choice regardless of where your brand is positioned.

Our pre cut seal lids are compatible for use with a range of packaging applications including containers for cream, yogurt and ice cream, beverages, snacks, butter and margarine.

As market leader in the manufacture of heat seal pre-cut lids for the dairy, food and beverage sectors, we can create custom packaging solutions for each of our customers.